Oh joy, I received a Lamy Joy Calligraphy set to review. I wrote with it, I drew with it, I fell in love with it.


When The Pen Company, a family run business based in Hertfordshire, UK, invited me to review one of their Lamy products, how could I, a pen experimenter and draftswoman, refuse such an offer?  I bounced at the opportunity of a pen exploratory.  And what better way to road test a Lamy pen than to draw with it.   Speaking as a fan of Lamy pens  (I own two colourful Lamy Safari fountain pens which I use for sketching and writing ), I decided it would be fun to road test the Black Lamy Joy AL Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set, a Lamy product unfamiliar to me.

Once I put in my request, in a zip of a time, the parcel arrived neatly packaged in the post. The set is presented in a smart silver tin (a cardboard disposable protective sleeve serves to keep the tin shinny and thumb print free) and includes the following items: one black resin barrel pen, 3 interchangeable calligraphy nibs sizes 1.1mm,, 1.5mm and 1.9mm, (yes, 3 nibs), a packet of 5 Lamy black cartridges, two protective plastic nib caps (an especially useful addition), a booklet introducing the novice calligraphic pen user to calligraphy (a very good read, I learnt some new handwriting tips) and finally, nestled inside the pen barrel it was a surprise to find another cartridge, this time a blue one.

The pen is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The speed of ink flow is very good (I write very fast).  Better still, there is a wetness quality to the ink flow which pen afficionados will simply drool over particularly with nib sizes 1.5mm and 1.9mm.  The images were drawn using all three Lamy calligraphic nibs.

To recap, the set comes with 3 thrillingly good interchangeable steel nibs,  loads of Lamy cartridges, an easy to understand creative instruction booklet, a lovely tin, and a black lightweight pen which measures just short of 18cm (with it’s cap on).  Oh, and did I forget to mention, this pen makes handwriting look so much better, including my own! I am a sucker for lovely handwriting and the hand written letter.

Should you wish to purchase the Lamy pen, here is the link: The Pen Company

Many thanks to The Pen Company for asking me to review the Lamy Joy AL Calligraphy Set. I wrote with it, I drew with it, I fell in love with it.



Here is a photograph of my studio desk showing the Lamy Joy AL Calligraphy Fountain Pen Set together with my original black ink drawings.



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