‘Beautiful Strangeness’, the first solo-London sculpture exhibition by artist Tanya Tier at The Society Club in the heart of Soho

A couple of weeks ago, I attended artist Tanya Tier’s private view of her first solo sculpture exhibition ‘Beautiful Strangeness’ at The Society Club’s onyx black gem of a bookshop in Soho, London.

Tanya Tier’s sculptures engages the viewer in a complex captivating mentally active exchange. A conversation unfurls within each of her sculptures, one becomes unsettled, hit by discordant  notes of raw brutal truths, or at once transfixed by the forgotten overwhelm of the intense immediacy that is love. I remember love. I’ve also forgotten it too. Her sculptures suggest an exploration into the moment, the sacred moment. Take that as you will. The moment of rawness, of death, of love, of the extraordinary in the ordinary, of weakness, of fetishness and of sex, or do I mean to say sex and death? Time opens up into another realm, the realm of magical journeying.  Perhaps I am mistaken, I am not versed in talking about sculpture, these are purely my observations. Curios both arresting and mysterious, are displayed inside highly polished Victorian style glass bell or dome jars supported on a wooden plinth. Her sculptures nestle comfortably yet interact well between first edition books, bookshelves, frost white walls and tables.    A taxidermised bird (with traceable provenance), seemingly with its spirit  preserved in invisible amber, momentarily suspends with open wing span allowing the viewer to peak about and story make. It is potent, spiritual, powerful, staggeringly beautiful and yet strangely alive. To view more of Tanya Tier’s work, click here.
Set in the heart of London’s Soho, The Society Club offers more than just an elegant truffle black interior showcase for its vintage and modern books.  It is a secret of a place, hosting talks, readings and exhibitions. It is inviting, welcoming, and even dog friendly too, boasting not one, but three resident canines.   Discerning dogs are offered a menu of choice organic dog food, whilst their owners can sip spirits, or drink tea and nibble on cake.   If you don’t have a dog, you can buy a dog collar, what you do with it is of course entirely up to you. Click here to link to The Society Club. It is a must see place. I hope to return very soon.
Here are some photographs I took of the wonderful soiree. Guests were plied with black bottled Hendrick’s Gin,  a  cucumbrous and rose refreshment befitting the occasion.



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