Diva Magazine-August 2012 issue

Here’s an illustration job for Diva Magazine (August 2012 issue) to go with columnist/ comedian Donna McPhail’s hilarious copy ‘The Outsider.’  She is an entertaining, self effacing, candid writer, it makes one feel connected.  To feel connected is good. Diva Magazine is available either in print or digital format, DIVA MAGAZINE BACK ISSUES.

And now, to idle away further your time on this blog site, there is no segue as such with this particular post,  included amongst the selection of blue hue photographs attached below, is a picture of me wearing my favourite blue scarf standing in front of a painting by London based Hong Kong artist HIN at The Other Art Fair in London in May 2012.  And again, to continue on the theme of blue, why not check out crooner/jazz trumpet extraordinaire Chet Baker singing ‘Born to be Blue’ . Wearing blue is better than feeling blue.

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