This image entitled ‘Hare Heaven’ (don’t ask), has been entered for a drawing event. ┬áIt took a day to re-composite the artwork because the original digital file got mislaid or trashed somewhere along the way, and in doing so, my anxiety levels went up incrementally during the computer ‘file search,’ but that has now been resolved after applying a different hair colourant to the old pate, and a re-scanning of all the original brush pen drawings.

The attached drawing makes me happy, in a fourth chakra heart glow next best thing to heave kind of way; a print of this image awaits collection and soon it will hang somewhere within this crumbly structure.




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Hare Heaven
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One thought on “Hare Heaven

  • June 3, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Beautiful; and I love the version you sent me.


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