I designed 20 graphic roundels for Route to the Hills, a multi-partnership commission promoting the rich heritage of Great Malvern in Worcestershire, England.  These roundels not only feature on monolith signage, but  also feature as brass studs for Great Malvern’s new  heritage trail.  It will be possible to brass rub these studs along the way. If you love brass rubbings, you’ll have great fun on this trail.  

Here is a close up of one of the donkey studs, this is a wee taster one of the 20 fascinating images that are set to brass,  donkey’s were a popular mode of transport up and down the Malvern hills during the Victorian era.  The last working Malvern donkey died in the 1960’s. My clients tell me the public have given these brass studs the thumbs up. This is delightful news indeed, the interpretation team have come up with fantastic ideas for this commission.

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Brass rubbings in Great Malvern

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